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Who we are

Atlantic Doors Inc. (ADI) is a premier local company in Prince Edward Island, Canada, specializing in the supply, installation, and repair of residential garage doors and commercial sectional overhead doors. In addition to these doors, we also offer a range of other products and solutions to enhance the safety, security, and functionality of homes and businesses.

As a trusted name in the industry, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to our clients. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians is dedicated to ensuring that all our customers receive the highest quality service possible. From selecting the right product to installation and repairs, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we are committed to providing you with customized solutions that are reliable, efficient, and affordable.

Our Products

At ADI, we are committed to providing a wide range of high-quality products and installation services to our clients. Whether you need residential or commercial solutions, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the right products that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.
Briarcrest Swing Garage Door

We offer a variety of styles and materials to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your home. Read More

Our commercial sectional overhead doors are durable, secure, and designed to meet the specific needs of businesses. Read More

Our rolling shutter doors provide excellent security and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including storefronts, warehouses, and storage facilities. Read More

Our steel doors and frames are designed to withstand the toughest environments and provide maximum security and durability. Read More

We provide loading dock solutions that are safe, efficient, and reliable, helping businesses streamline their operations. Read More

Our awnings provide shade and protection from the elements, adding style and functionality to your home or business. Read More

Briarcrest Swing Garage Door

Maintenance Services

At ADI, we are committed to ensuring that all the products we supply are always in top condition, and that’s why we provide comprehensive on-call maintenance services and service programs. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient products for our clients, and we take pride in being a reliable partner for all their maintenance needs. Our commitment to delivering top-notch products and services has made us a trusted partner for homeowners and businesses alike.

Residential maintenance services

We understand the importance of keeping your garage door or awning in excellent condition to ensure the safety and security of your home. Whether you require a simple repair, regular maintenance, or a complete overhaul, our team of experienced technicians is always ready to respond to your needs. Read More

Commercial Maintenance Service

The reliability and performance of your doors and other products are critical to your operations. That’s why we offer maintenance services that are specifically designed to keep your products in top condition and minimize downtime. With us, you can focus on your operations while we take care of your repair needs. Read More

Our Partners and Suppliers

At ADI, we understand the importance of providing our clients with high-quality products from reputable suppliers. That’s why we have partnered with some of the best brands in the industry to ensure that we can meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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