Our Service is PEI OHS Compliant with SafeDoor


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What is SafedoorPM?

SafedoorPM is a planned maintenance (PM) and safety compliance program for commercial door systems. It’s purpose is to ensure your doors get the right PM work, to the right standards, at the right times.

How does it work?

You contract with your local SafedoorPM dealer who performs PM and related repair work using SafedoorPM’s cloud-based applications.

During a SafedoorPM, your dealer will check and maintain all of your door systems’ important components, including mechanical and structural elements, controls, settings, and safety devices . All work will be performed in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and industry standards, as these are the standards that matter for reliable door performance and safety compliance.

Technicians will input notes and take photographs to provide you with clear, detailed information about work performed, or problems found. All maintenance practices and safety standards are transparent to you in the Customer Portal, so you can make repair decisions comfortably, and always understand the reason for recommendations.